Welcome to the Firearms Academy & Center of Education, New York Metro’s upscale private lesson shooting school. We provide expert private lessons  Firearms Training and Firearm Safety instruction in various disciplines.

Are you interested in firearms training, obtaining a Pistol Permit, Gun License or CCW (Concealed Carry Permit), firearms safety training, shooting, or self-defense? Firearms ownership, maintenance, identification, ammunition, as well as reloading or even building your own guns? You’re at the right place!

Certified instructors teach in a respectful, clear, and relaxed atmosphere.

All your questions will be answered, and there are many options. Please see our calendar page for upcoming courses, as well as the services page to see what we offer. We serve the NY Metro Area; NYC & Five Boroughs, Western Long Island, the Lower Hudson Area (roughly Rockland, Orange, Westchester, Ulster, Sullivan, Dutchess, Putnam) and Bergen & Passaic in NJ .

For camps and large groups, we’ll travel farther.

Firearms used in a safe and responsible manner are not just tons of fun for the whole family, but instill good habits such as respect, responsibility, neatness and regard for others.

Are you tired of cuff-links, sweaters, neckties, perfume, flowers and nonsense-printed T-shirts? Why not give your significant other the gift of knowledge, fun and self-defense, – all in one package!
We offer many options for all ages, interests and levels. Come on in and enjoy! Please take your time, browse our site and do not hesitate to contact us!

Thank you & see you soon!.


Expert Firearms Training in NY & NJ
We offer various Firearms Training Courses, including every
NRA Basic Shooting Course and NRA FIRST Steps Orientation classes,
Firearms Safety Training for Pistol License or Carry Permit,
and AR-15 classes, including building your own AR-15.
We also offer Ammunition Reloading Courses and numerous other
self-defense and home defense classes, as well as crime prevention/self protection, sights and optics classes.
Here is a short list of what’s available:

• Basic Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun Shooting courses

• ‘Refuse To Be A Victim’ seminars

• Personal Protection Inside The Home course

• Optics and Sights courses

• Reloading courses (including metallic cartridge and shotshell reloading)

• ‘Build Your Own AR-15’ class

Expert educators convey all classes in a relaxed atmosphere, with personal attention to all students. The material is taught in a clear and logical method that ensures both academic and hands-on concepts are understood, and students are able to understand and carry out the material.

For a full list of courses, descriptions, and pricing, please refer to the Courses page.
Please check the calendar page for upcoming courses.

Learn all about firearms: safety, use, technique, maintenance and much more!