What is ITPS?

NEW IN THE AREA! – This exciting & beneficial course is now offered for the first time in the metro NY area by an experienced IDF veteran!!!

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ITPS – Israeli Tactical Point Shooting (alternatively ICPS – IDF Tactical Combat Shooting) is treated as a tactical response, incorporating the necessary progressive battlefield tactical thinking, molded into a set of instinctive actions/reactions.

It is different from other combat techniques in that it is based on real-time performance. ITPS is practiced and constantly perfected during daily performance by its core users.

In this course, students will be presented with the best features used in the Israeli handgun combat system. Trainees will
learn fundamentals of urban fighting, shooting with one or two hands, various concealed carry conditions, enhanced peripheral vision, employment of lethal option tactics against multiple threats, and progressing to advanced close combat fighting techniques.

Course Topics:

  • Firearm safety recap
  • Fundamentals of tactical shooting
  • Grip, stance, draw
  • Correct trigger control
  • Reloading tactics
  • “Ready gun” positions
  • Rapid fire drills
  • Stage 1 & 2 malfunctions
  • Multiple targets
  • Barricade shooting (from different covers)
  • Closing range to target – running & braking methods
  • Kneeling & prone shooting positions (elevators)
  • One/two–hand shooting
  • Shoot/no shoot scenarios
  • Low-light/adverse light shooting
  • Weapon transition (pistol to rifle)
  • Procedures for tactically exiting a vehicle
  • Weapons disarmament – handgun & rifle

Prerequisites for this training course:

  • Must be authorized to possess firearms
  • NYS Pistol Permit preferred
  • Must have basic pistol experience – safety, aiming, shooting, drawing & shooting from a holster. (If you need to get to this level, please contact us for an intermediate class)
  • Bring own preferred firearm (preferably a centerfire semiauto; you may take the course with a revolver if you have advanced skills – please contact us beforehand)
  • Bring own ammo and holster for the your gun – both must be tried and tested with the specific firearm.
  • Loaner guns available – please contact us before the course
  • Convicted felons, people a history of mental illness, or have been convicted of domestic violence crimes (misdemeanor or felony) are not eligible for this class.