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Use the scroll-down menu to see detailed information about the different courses we have to offer. Are you a beginner who needs to be shown the ropes and getting started, or are you looking to advance your skills?

Are you interested in reloading, astronomy, building your own AR15-style rifle? Would you like to be better prepared for the unexpected? Take a look at the different options.

NRA ” FIRST Steps” and “Basic” Firearms Courses

The NRA “FIRST Steps” and “Basic” programs take novices with or absolutely no firearm experience, and beginners with some experience to a point that they can safely and confidently handle and shoot a specific firearm category (eg. rifles or handguns).

It is very important to understand that the “Basic” program is not a higher level course.

The FIRST Steps class is shorter and focuses only on a single model firearm (eg. Glock Model 19 semiautomatic pistol, or Remington Model 700 bolt-action rifle). The idea is to familiarize students with a certain type of firearm, or have a “refresher” for people who didn’t use firearms in a long time.

The Basic course is more comprehensive, more in-depth, and encompasses more material. It describes the structure and function of a whole firearm category, introduces the different sub-categories (“action types), the differences between them, and their relevance to the shooter. Next, the structure and function is explained in-depth, followed by ammunition. Safety is the next step and no effort is compromised to instill a deep understanding and appreciation for the utmost importance of firearm safety.

Next, the mental and physical preparatory steps to shooting are introduced. The shooting process and its principles are introduced next in detail. Live-fire exercises follow, with emphasis on correct stance and a thorough “de-intimidation” of the students from the gun, the report (noise) and recoil (“kick”)


Responsible ownership and maintenance follow, then proper cleaning procedures. Last but not least, criteria for choice of firearm and ammunition are explained in detail, so you can have a fair idea of what firearm would best suit your needs, and no-one can sell you the Brooklyn bridge.

“Basic” and “FIRST Steps” courses are available for rifle, pistol and shotgun.

Other courses are available as well – please select from the scroll-down menu above.

Personal Protection Inside the Home

This NRA course is for individuals who re well experienced with handguns, and preferably with shotguns and rifles as well. The course focuses teaching the basic knowledge and skills to protect yourself in the case of a violent home invasion scenario. The course teaches techniques and methods of establishing emergency plans and procedures to protect yo loved ones, take cover, return fire, use your home and furnishings as cover.

Full details
Full details

Other Courses We Offer & Pricing:
  •  “Roll Yer’ Own” ammunition; build metallic cartridges or shotshells. $185
  •  Bring your rifle shooting skill to the next level! $125
  •  Everything you ever wanted to know about binoculars, sights, & telescopes $60
  •  Build your very own custom AR15-style rifle $300 (in three installments)
  •  Learn personal security strategies to minimize all means of victimization $40
  •  Qualify to become a Range Safety Officer, who oversees live-firing activities $75
  • Firearms 101: $90
  • Firearms 102: $75
  • A Day At The Range: $170
  • All NRA FIRST Steps classes: $190
  • All NRA Basic Firearms courses: $225 (Sliding scale: 2 people – $400, 3 – $555, 4 – $ 660, 5 – 750
  • Reloading classes $185
  • RSO course: $75
  • Refuse To Be A Victim Seminar: $35 p/p, minimum of 4 participants. Group of 10 – $275, 20 – $475. Grants available for qualifying institutions (schools or clubs)
  • “AR15, an American Dream”  in-depth & shooting: $35 if taken with Basic Rifle class, $75 if taken independently.
  • Personal Protection Inside The Home: $200

Multiple student, return student, and group rates are available.

Return students get 10 to 20% off second, and 15 to 40% off third classes taken. Multiple students booking a class together get 5 to 25% discounts. Group rates depend on group size, the class and the venue. Please contact us for exact details.