Level II Rifle Course: "The Shrink"

This course is geared toward rifle shooters who want to improve their skills, shrink their groups, expand their horizons and enrich their rifle and shooting knowledge.

The course will cover the following topics and more:

o  Building confidence & the right mindset for success
o  Basics of Marksmanship
o  Psychology and technique
o  YOUR shooting method
o  Tools of the trade
o  Proper balance between skills and tool (in plain English: don’t rely on instrumentation to improve yourself)
o  Rifle & Cartridge (“caliber”) choice
o  Basic ballistics & sight zeroing
o  Bad habit & pitfall avoidance
o  Starting and instructing youngsters
o  Moving to scopes, optics and lasers
o  Reloading and fine tuning your ammo
o  Complete practice & improvement plan

Course requirements:

o  Familiarity with rifles & rifle shooting in general; shooting fundamentals: stances, aiming, trigger pull etc., and a fair understanding of your own rifle & ammo
o  Pen & notebook – required!
o  Rifle and 50 to 100rds ammo – 22LR recommended (3 rifles max)
o  An open mind, eagerness to learn and good spirits!

Cost: $100. Length of course: approximately 2.5 HRS class & 1 HR shooting.
For scheduling please contact us at your earliest convenience.

So come see your “SHRINK” to shrink those groups – significantly & consistently!