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Knowledge, fun and expertise… all in one place! Here you will find a few of the services we offer. There are many options,. and we can customize our expertise to your needs!

Please take few minutes to see the options that best fit your needs.

​Private Security


Are you concerned for your security and that of your loved ones? How to knock sense into teenagers? Who’s lurking behind the screen, waiting to steal and abuse your personal information? How to reduce the likelihood of burglary, carjacking, identity theft, kidnapping, physical assaults, robberies and similar threats?

How to protect your assets while you’re away from home? How to secure the elderly and the defenseless?

Find out this and much, much more on the RTBAV seminar page!

Firearms Training

Firearms Training begins here… Would you like to know more about guns but don’t know where to start? Or do you know exactly what you want and ready to go? Novice, beginner, intermediate, or just curious? Reminiscing the good old days of your youth and itching for the trigger again? You’ve come to the right place.
Do you want to learn more about ammunition reloading, sights, scopes and optics? Interested in increased personal security? Below you’ll find general outlines of our offerings, followed by a short description of each course. For more thorough overview of our classes, please see the menu under “firearms courses“.
NRA Courses:
NRA courses are governed by the NRA, award a certificate and are specific to one firearm category (eg pistol or rifle course) and concentrate on shooting skill of that specific firearm. (NRA Basic Pistol certificate is accepted in most US counties for pistol permit or concealed carry permit.)

NRA courses are generally divided into ‘FIRST Steps’ and ‘Basic’ courses: the former is a short, introductory course focusing one specific model. Only that model is demonstrated and being shot. Basic courses are more thorough and expand more on each topic. Several types of firearms within one category (i.e. bolt, lever, pump and semiauto rifles in Basic Rifle Course) are demonstrated and shot, from more shooting stances.

We also offer personalized courses to match your style and needs. Should you have any specific needs, please give us a call.

Private 1-on-1 Classes

Do you prefer being all on your own, and get a totally personal class, advancing at your pace? No other participants to rush you or hold you back? Having an instructor just for yourself 100% of the time?

Just call us today to book a private lesson!


Women-Only Classes

Are you in for some girlie fun? Just a girls-out day with no annoying guys around, a mother-daughter, or sisters bonding experience, or just need to be alone without know-it-all guys’ snarky remarks and “I know better” attitude? Get it here, call us now!


Schools And Educators

Yes, we do offer more than firearms. Would you like your students to reconnect with nature? Introduce them to the wonderful world of astronomy, sport optics or photography today! Light with all its wonders is an intricate topic, and a fun-filled session can set your students on a promising career!

Did you know that optics are extensively used in the medical, defense, photo/video, and many other fields? Give your students the gift of knowledge and open new vistas and opportunities before them!


School Security

Are you concerned about your students’ and faculty’s safety? We can help you set up a security program for your school or institution. We also offer the ‘Refuse To Be A Victim’ seminar, appropriate to all who wish to be more aware and more secure from all potential threats.


Camps, Campuses, and Clubs

Would you like to spice up you camp, campus or club life? Why not book one of our many classes. Whether you run a summer camp, scouts, JCC, country club or similar organization, you may benefit from an exciting and unique experience for you campers. All will enjoy and take home exciting memories!