Shooting Stars – exceptional quality firearms training with the Firearms Academy and Center of Education
your one-stop-shop to get started on firearms; all NRA FIRST Steps & Basic firearms courses available, as well as several proprietary courses, such as Level II rifle, building an AR15 and reloading. NRA Basic Pistol Course certificate is accepted in most US counties as requirement for safety course completion for Pistol Permit or Concealed Carry (CCW) License.  Just give us a call and you’ll be on your way.

NSSF – National Shooting Sports Foundation;
the shooting industry’s umbrella organization. Hosting the yearly SHOT show – the shooting industry’s trade show in Las Vegas. Hunting, shooting sports, education, advocacy, industry. Includes “where to shoot” feature, learning resources among many others.

CMP – Civilian Marksmanship Program:
provides guidance & competitions for many shooting disciplines, mainly service rifle. Info on competitions, coaching & continued improvement. Also sells surplus military rifles with no FFL required.

GOA – Gun Owners’ Association:
the first splinter group to break off the NRA. Much more hard-liners and no compromise, strong Washington lobby. Monthly newsletter, website with political update and action alerts – “the only no compromise gun lobby in Washington”.

JPFO – Jews For the Preservation of Firearms Ownership:
“America’s most aggressive civil rights organization”. Est. 1987 to promote firearms ownership awareness, especially for Jews. Large quantity of informative material, books, pamphlets, videos. Promoting awareness to the fact that dictatorial regimes, such as Nazi Germany, always exercise “gun control” before committing genocide, in order to prevent resistance. So come on, don’t be a shlemel and check it out:

4-H Shooting Program:

Youth development in many shooting sports, summer camps, scouting, survival, hunting, hiking, etc.

NRA – The National Rifle Association of America:
Founded 1871 in NYC (Yes, that’s New York City. But Bloomberg wasn’t yet chancellor then – and the average IQ was above 21) to promote marksmanship skills, is now the 2nd Amendment rights’ primary advocate and “industry” leader. Publishes 4 monthly magazines, action alerts, political news, blogs & more. Includes “where to shoot” and firearms courses features. NRA Protect your rights –  Join NRA now!

SAF – The Second Amendment FoundationCCRKBA – The Citizen’s Coalition for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms:

dedicated to promote a better understanding of the Constitutional right to privately own and possess firearms. To that end, we carry on many educational and legal programs., or