Bob the BuildAR – Build your own AR15

By now, the AR15 can safely be called America’s favorite rifle. It’s been our military’s standard issue rifle for over 40 years, and even its strongest opponents own (at least) one.

This light and lively rifle is capable of stellar accuracy, reliability and durability. Its ease of use and ergonomic structure have made it a darling; but most of all it is its versatility that appeals to so many and contributes to its popularity. If there’s anything more customizable and “modifyable”, it’s gotta be playdough or women’s hair…

Now you too can build your very own AR-15!
Instead of picking one off the shelf, you can master the ins and outs of this great gun, fully custom build one to your heart’s desire. (And your insane legislators’ quirks, of course.)

You buy the parts on your own or purchase them through us (except the lower receiver which must go through a licensed dealer). We provide you with the bench, tools, and step by step, detailed and clear instructions. End up with the AR of your dreams! If you need some advice or make decisions, call us before!

“Bob The BuildAR” is a three-session module: You’ll learn tons and tons about the AR-15; in the first meeting we’ll run the whole gamut of this gun from the materials, manufacturing process, each part and its function, how they interact, who makes them, the different options & variations; what to get, where to get, and the tools necessary to build it all up, tricks, tips and pitfall avoidance. In this segment you’ll also have an opportunity to order the parts. We’ll watch a full video of building up an AR-15, with hands-on demonstration.

In the second meeting –scheduled by consensus and personal preference/availability- we will build the lower receiver.

In the third meeting –scheduled as above- we’ll build the upper receiver, finishing touches, final assembly & accessorizing.

What you get: all the necessary tools, instruction and help to build your very own AR! So what are you waiting for? See you soon at Shooting Stars! If you have any difficulties or run behind schedule, you’ll get an extra slot to finish your project, free of charge.

Please call or email to schedule an AR 15 building workshop.

We also have an introductory class for the AR, see the Firearms Courses page.