Teaching requires special skill and talent. No two students are alike – their minds, faces, bodies, backgrounds, and goals differ. The way they reason, understand, and process subject matter is different. And learning to shoot is no easy task – imagine someone learning to drive or to ride a bicycle for the first time in their 30’es or 40’es. So it is with shooting; so many things to learn –

different arms, actions, disciplines, ammunition… did we even mention safety? Are you really so sure that you’re so knowledgeable, so trustworthy, so proficient that you need no safety training? Think

again! And remember – accidents don’t happen – accidents are caused by people! So whom would you learn from? The best shot, the biggest shot, or the toughest guy in town?


Our experienced educators are veterans and firearms experts who have successfully taught hundreds of students from all walks of life – young and old, men and women, rich and poor, of any shape and color imaginable – with great success. So don’t dismiss learning, don’t take an arrogant “know it all” attitude – do the right thing and get proper training and education!


“Why should I learn? Shooting is so easy!

Just point the gun and pull the trigger!” Unfortunately, there couldn’t be a more irresponsible, arrogant, and childish attitude than this one, although it’s quite prevalent. Learning to shoot is serious a matter, and any mistakes, bad habits or wrong techniques you acquire as a novice will likely stay with you forever.


“But it’s so expensive – almost like buying a gun!”

That’s right! Would you teach for free? Isn’t your time worth its weight in gold? Here at Shooting Stars, not only do we teach in an easy, relaxed, no-stress, and friendly atmosphere – we give you better value for your money! That’s right! Those who advertise courses for much less are simply not upfront with their fees – many will charge you extra for ammunition, range

time, gun rental and more. We give you one, all-inclusive, final price that includes everything! No hidden fees, no B.S. And best of all – an important part of the class is criteria for firearm purchase – a mistake will cost you more than a whole class’s price in your first (or second, or any subsequent) gun purchase! So stop procrastinating and come learn like the pros!


“OK, fine, so what do I get from your class?”

Our classes bring you from absolute zero to a point where you are comfortable and able to safely handle, own, shoot and maintain a firearm. We put special emphasis on taking out the anxiety of the first shots, ensuring the mental-to-physical process is understood students are able to follow procedure correctly. We provide you with learning materials, continued support, and an NRA Course Completion Certificate that’s accepted in most US States and Counties.